Meet the Artist

     The themes in my paintings are not intended to portray visual accuracy, neither to make grandiose statements nor to convey obscure abstractions.  Instead they serve to capture an anticipatory moment suspended in time. By celebrating the beauty in what might appear ordinary I strive to evoke a certain mystique, invite the viewer to feel the energy of a mood and engage in a sense of hope.

My energetic brushstrokes, vibrant palettes, suggestive imagery as well as my use of multiple media best capture my adventurous spirit.  Like music painting is for me foremost an emotional language that is uniquely expressive and direct.  It provides both the artist and the viewer an uncommon opportunity to feel free from all restrictions and reach a rare vision of serenity when turbulent times can be suspended.

While I enjoy solitude, I also find inspiration when sharing the creative process with others.  I have led a number of painting workshops to Provence in France, Santa Fe and Ogunquit.  I find support as a member of several art associations including the prestigious Cambridge Art Association.  I am a member of the Guild of Harwich Artists. I continue to experiment with a wider world of painting by studying with masters and mentors at places like the Museum of Fine Arts and the New Art Center in Newton.

Painting at the St George Gallery in Boston.jpg
Painting at the St. George Gallery in Boston